Private Tutoring Overview

Tutoring provides a focused effort on helping a student establish knowledge and build confidence in a specific subject. Tutoring is available for English Language Learners.

Overview of Tutoring


Tutoring is available as a one to one teacher - student engagement to allow a student to learn specific subjects or skills.

Our tutors will establish a set of customized lesson plans to address any learning gaps, explain and convey an understanding of the concepts and work with the student to establish a confidence in mastering specific skills.
Tutoring is available Monday through Saturday, however, Thursday through Saturday have been reserved primarily for tutoring students.
Single hour tutoring is available at: $105 per hour for a single hour $100 per hour for a prepaid four hour package $95 per hour for a prepaid eight hour package $90 per hour for a prepaid twelve hour package.

Pricing Table

Tutoring services may be purchased in blocks of 1 hour ($105), 4 hour block ($100 per hour), 8 hour block ($95 per hour)

  • Private Tutoring

    Reading, Writing & Math
  • English as a Second Language
  • One on one
  • Customized to your child's needs
  • Set up a regular schedule
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