Math Camps

From first learning numbers to Pre-Algebra, First Focus empowers kids with the confidence to enjoy math. We conduct full-day academic camps during school breaks to ensure students continue to develop their foundation in math skills for academic success.

1st Grade and Up - Math Camp


Each student in the math camp receives a customized lesson, based on an initial assessment. The lessons reinforce a student's foundation in their specific grade level combined with the introduction of new math concepts. The lessons for the math camp will utilize the Tabtor math curriculum, which is aligned with the CCSS.

Students are encouraged to articulate their understanding of the math concepts by working with the teacher at the chalkboard and the student explaining the step-by-step process to solve the math problem.
April 10-14, 2017
Weekly: June 26 - August 11, 2017
December 26-29, 2017
February 19-23, 2018
Days:5 Full Days5 Half Days

There is a materials fee of $39.

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