Startup Homework

The Startup Homework program gives your child an opportunity to bring in their homework and ask questions about any subject, fill in any learning gaps, and develop better study habits to prepare them for their academic career.

Startup Homework


The Startup Homework program offers the parents the flexibility for their child to attend once or twice per week, in 1-2 hour intervals either on a regular (weekly) basis or periodically to prepare for a test, book report, etc.

Our commitment is to ensure each student receives optimum benefit from the First Focus academic programs.

Students bring their homework assignments from school and the First Focus teacher reviews both the required homework practice along with any extra support needed for students to stay on track academically.
Students can attend between 3:30-6:00pm on Mondays or Wednesdays in increments of a 1 hour minimum per session; the total of 6 hours per per Homework unit can be used as needed; The number of students attending can vary from 1 student to 4 students.
Sessions may be purchased in increments of 4 sessions at $65 per session or 8 sessions at $60 per session.

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