Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions

Can my child join a class in session?

We will place your child in a program that matches their skill level. If they are in between skill levels, we have found it extremely successful to bring the student up with a couple of tutoring sessions and then challenge them with the higher difficulty.

Your student is welcome to try a free class to test compatibility.

Will my child be behind if they join a class in session?

Typically, our assessment is very accurate when placing students. If necessary, we can bolster their skills with a couple of tutoring sessions that should put them on track for a more difficult class.

What separates First Focus from other programs?

First Focus has developed an accelerated reading and writing program to help students decode difficult words. Our small group settings allow students to receive individual attention. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core and each lesson will push students to learn new concepts while enforcing previous lessons.

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