English as a Second Language

We provide a range of tutoring, small group classes and academic camps that provide a logical and progressive method for students to learn English as a Second Language.

English Immersion Class


The English as a Second Language Program is a collection of effective methods for teaching English to non-native speakers.

Depending on the age and current school grade, we will address method and techniques to read and correctly pronounce English words, phrases and setences and then we teach the speaking and use of phrases and sentences in daily situations including the school environment, social occasions, sports and team events, basic manners and respectful conversational patterns.
ESL students are assessed to determine if they can enter one of the small group classes or if the student needs some tutoring in phonics as a foundation before entering a class. Classes are help once per week for 2 hours, tutoring can be scheduled according to your child's availability.
Tuition for small groups classes is according to the regular class tuition rates. Tuition is usually purchased in 8 hour increments.

Testimonial from an Israeli grandmother


My family lives in Israel, 2 years ago, I brought my grand daughter to First Focus during the prior summer, she was 6 years old and did not speak one word of English.

By the end of the summer, after spendng 5 weeks in the First Focus Summer Camps, my granddaughter had a solid foundation in reading, writing and speaking at the first grade level.
Yes, my granddaughter returned to Israel after the summer camps ended and she became the leader in her English class. This gave her confidence in continuing to learn English in the Israeli school.
We made use of the First Focus tutoring program as my granddaughter spoke no English when arrived in the US. The tutoring was for two weeks to cover the basis reading and pronunciation skills that was very helpful for gettng traction in the class.

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